Jack Reacher review

Jack Reacher review

A film review by Richard Babin for WFTROK. I like Tom Cruise, and have liked him right from the beginning in Risky Business down through all the years, through all the personal ups and downs for him, through the Scientology BS, even through Cocktail, which was almost a deal breaker. Given that, I had high … Continue reading »

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Ben Folds Five First Ever Concert In Korea

I never thought it would happen but here it is. Ben Fold Five after touring Japan, will play its first ever live concert in Seoul. The three-piece alternative rock trio which formed back in 1993, comprising of, Ben Folds (lead vocals, piano, keyboards, melodica, principal songwriting), Robert Sledge (bass, contrabass, synthesizer, backing vocals), and Darren Jessee (drums, percussion, backing vocals, songwriter, and … Continue reading »

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A Korean Director Does Make It To The Oscars

Mostly over looked in Oscar news, but a short animation written and directed by South Korean LEE Min-kyu did make the Oscars nominations list. A comment left on the blog of Associate Producer: Heidi Jo Gilbert  about the film said “ I got to see Adam and Dog at the Landmark screening, so gorgeous and poignant! It definitely looked like everyone … Continue reading »

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Red 2 Trailer with LEE Byung Hun

It’s well publicised in WFTROK and other media that Lee Byung Hun will appear in the GI Joe sequel, GI Joe: Retaliation which is due for release in Korea, on March 28th. Not so well-known is the fact he plays the bad guy in the upcoming American film RED 2. The RED films are inspired by a DC … Continue reading »

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This Weeks Live Music Picks in the ROK

There are a lot of shows around the ROK this weekend, including Sunday: Highlights: Magna Fall CD Single Release show Like a Fox Ben Akers Chatter Box and the Hush Caliph Knight 鬼鬼祟祟  GUIGUISUISUI (a.k.a. Dann Gaymer) Nacho Pupa                        Friday-Sunday, January 18-20 Friday, January 18, WHOwho … Continue reading »

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Dustin Hoffman and the Geriatric Quartet: A Review

Dustin Hoffman once famously brought a guinea pig to a press conference in order to distract the reporters. The stunt succeeded only after the guinea pig started chewing on Hoffman’s nipple. He is also only seven years younger than Sean Connery, despite which Connery played Hoffman’s father in Family Business. In August of this year … Continue reading »

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Korean Nominees at the 7th Asian Film Awards

Korean Nominees at the 7th Asian Film Awards

The 7th Asian Film Awards (AFA) ceremony will be held in Hong Kong on the 18th of March this year and the nominees were announced a couple of days ago by Chinese superstar  actor Andy Lau who will serve as president of the judging Panel.  Among the nominees, South Korean films came out on top in terms of most nominations. It … Continue reading »

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Cloud Atlas, Soylent Green and the Ravages of Time: A Review

Cloud Atlas was directed by the trio, Andy Wachowski, Lana Wachowski and Tom Tykwer. The Wachowski’s placed themselves on the director’s game-board with the poetically noir Bound. From there they fabricated their own playground with the mind bending Matrix trilogy. Tom Tykwer stormed onto the international stage with runaway hit Run, Lola, Run, a film … Continue reading »

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Hip Hop Alive in The Seoul Underground

Hip Hop Alive in The Seoul Underground

First up a video of a couple of acts from the evening. Contrary to what your television tells you (via its pop orientated music shows), Rap and Hip Hop is alive, and doing very well in the Republic of Korea. Its hard, its nasty, its grimy, its intelligent and it comes with boom that’s low def and a … Continue reading »

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This Weeks live Music Picks in the R.O.K

For the weekend of January 11-12 Highlights include: The Primary Tamara Kim Lymbryc System JoshRoy Caliph Knight Crux Friday, January 11 Festa Note What: Charity Concert Where: Daehakano 대학로 (Seoul) FESTA NOTE: Proceeds are delivered to a local children’s hospital, for the purpose of helping young patients suffering from rare diseases. This Friday night, 7 … Continue reading »

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7 Fantastic Films at the ACF 2013 Showcase Begins January10th

7 Fantastic Films at the ACF 2013 Showcase Begins January10th

Starting today, January 10th, Seoul’s Indie Plus cinema is showcasing  seven films that screened at last year’s Busan International Film Festival, including 5 Broken Cameras (Palestine/Israel/France/Netherlands), Cold Bloom (Japan), Jiseul (Korea), Embers (Lebanon/Qatar/Armenia), Television (Bangladesh/Germany)  and Sunshine boys (Korea), The Gardner (Iran) . All films are recommended for audiences 15 years old and over except for The Gardner which gets a General … Continue reading »

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Chocoshrek’s Top Ten Trailers is Back

Ive just updated my Top 10 trailers list and I’ve included official synopsis for each film here along with the trailers, but if you can’t be bothered with all the reading you can always just go straight to Chocoshreks Top 10 Trailers by clicking here. For the best of Korean Film trailers at the moment check out the … Continue reading »

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American singer-songwriter and pianist Rachael Yamagata is an artist who’s songs have appeared on several TV shows, including The L Word, Charmed, How I Met Your Mother, ER ,Nip/Tuck, Men in Trees, Alias, One Tree Hill, Los Serrano, Brothers & Sisters, Grey’s Anatomy and The O.C. Her albums include: Happenstance (2004) Elephants…Teeth Sinking Into Heart (2008) Chesapeake (2011) She has also collaborated with other musicians includingJason Mraz, Rhett Miller, Bright Eyes, Ryan Adams, Toots and the Maytals and Ray Lamontagne. … Continue reading »

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Hotly Anticipated Korean Films of 2013

Hotly Anticipated Korean Films of 2013

How well a film will do and how good it’s going to be, is anyone’s guess before its release. Even if it’s played in festivals and has received critical acclaim before it’s release date, the plaudits don’t always guarantee box office success. Award winning 2012 films such as Beasts of the Southern Wild and Korea’s very own Pieta … Continue reading »

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The Name Behind The Face: Will Yun Lee

Will Yun Lee 이윌윤, the name may be familiar to you and if it’s not, it’s highly likely you’ve seen his face before. Born in Arlington Virginia, Will Yun is of Korean decent. His parents moved to the states in the sixties where his father, a Tae Kwon Do grandmaster, opened a Tae Kwon Do … Continue reading »

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Soo Jin Lee: An Actress that made it in her own way

Being a single mother is a difficult job, earning a living as an actress is a difficult job, but doing both of these in a country where the role for women is extremely rigid and where there is immense cultural pressure for women not stray from the traditional male dominated social structure, it’s exciting to … Continue reading »

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Soundgarden: A great new live music venue in Cheong Ju, South Korea

Itaewon, the center of the expat community in Seoul, currently has exactly one fully equipped venue for bands to play at.  In Cheong Ju, the Seattle of South Korea, within a five minute walk from each other, there are four, and depending on your definition of fully equipped places to play, maybe there’s five. The … Continue reading »

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WFTROKs Favorite 10 Korean films of 2012

In the year 2012, approximately 120 Korean independent and studio films saw cinema release in Korea. It’s almost double that of the approximate 75 movies that saw cinematic release ten years ago in 2002. It’s a fantastic reflection of just how far Korean films have come. Just how far, I hear you ask. It’s hard … Continue reading »

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PARK Chung-hee and Korea’s Golden Age of Cinema

Recently PARK Geun-hae became Korea’s first woman president.  What is perhaps most significant about this is not that she is a woman but that she has taken the nation’s top job despite of or even because of her father, dictator PARK Chung-hee.  The effect that the former has had on this country has been long … Continue reading »

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Where in the world is Daniel Henney?

The answer to the question raised in the title of this article is “Everywhere”. In Korean media he’s been a little quiet but he’s certainly been a busy man. Between modeling shoots around the world for all sorts of products and brands including Italian brand Ermenegildo Zegna and ‘ELLE‘ magazine, he’s been a very busy actor both … Continue reading »

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